The Story

VANISHED NFT is a puzzle, escape room type of game, or simply put .. THE METAVERSE ENIGMA! a unique P2E game on the ethereum blockchain. It's story is about an unknown Crypto Trader who decides to giveaway all his wealth and assets after achieving everything he dreamt about in his life. The funds were split between different wallets, 1 wallet is hidden per chapter. Players must work their way through the mind-bending puzzles, find clues, decode messages and pass many more challenges in order to find the hidden wallet!

Either work alone or together, leaving hints along the way to help solve the chapter - or slow others down by leading them to dead-ends, Just keep in mind that VANISHED NFT, is not your typical puzzle game.. the challenges might seem hard, that's why you always need to think outside the box and try to connect the dots!

Tip: We will be dropping hints and we will host a discussion lobby on our Discord, so make sure you're in! Join Discord Now!

Chapter 1

Location: Trading Office.

Date: ??/??/20??.

Difficulty: 8/10.


Hidden wallet address: View on Etherscan!

Prize: 10ETH.

Winner Address: TBA.

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Being a Genesis Pass Holder means that you have trust in VANISHED NFT and It's team at an early stage, which really helps in the project growth and development, we truly appreciate the support and we want to thank you by providing exclusive holder-only benefits!

PS: applicable only for Genesis Pass Holders.

Full Access to play current and future chapters in Vanished NFT, While still being eligible to win the prize on every chapter!

Guaranteed Whitelist Spot for every holder on Vanished NFT(or Collabs) future mints and new collections!

OG Role in Vanished NFT official Discord Server,Holders will be tagged as high-priority users, so tickets and requests will be fulfilled in no time .

Holders will be able to stake their NFT Passes through our staking app (check roadmap) and collect a monthly yield from sales revenues!

Holders will be eligible to Win free Vanished NFT merch designed by top-of-the line merchandise providers.

Access to our planned Holders Lottery where all holders enter a raffle to win Discounts, free NFT Drops and many more surprises!


Our ULTIMATE goal is to get VANISHED NFT in the top rankings of NFT Projects!
And to do so, this is what we got in mind:


0% - Birth of the dragon ★

It all starts here, we will do the project branding, develop the chapter 1 of the game with all the puzzles and challenges, host the game and website, create the genesis nft pass along with other edition passes, create the smart contracts and deploy them to ethereum blockchain, and the social media accounts, and finally create the game Whitepaper.


20% - Exposure, we need more exposure !

At this stage, We focus 101% on exposure, we need to get traffic to our project and to build a massive community to ensure our growth! we will try to attract investors, find potential collabs with other good NFT projects, get promoted in large nft spaces and run airdrops and ad campaigns in order to go even further.


40% - Development never ends !

By now, Chapter 1 should be solved, winner address will be announced and the 10ETH reward will be already deposited into the hidden wallet( 10ETH prize for solving chapter 1 enigmas will be deducted from the Genesis-Passes sales revenue, read VANISHED NFT ECONOMY SECTION for more information.), and chapter 2 should be live, along with some new passes and higher prize on the hidden wallet! (the floor price of the new passes will be higher than the genesis passes).


60% - Time to pay back our OGs ♥

We will be working with a top-of-the line merchandise provider, who will be designing unique VanishedNFT themed merchandise for holders, free of charge and will be implementing the staking app to maximize your earnings! meanwhile OGs will have guaranteed Whitelist spots on future passes mints, and we will be hosting a weekly giveaways, holders Lottery, WL and drops to your OGs on discord! so make sure to hope on there Join Disocrd Now !


80% - Apt-get upgrade !

We should be able now to upgrade our core team members count, we'll be hiring more people into the team,We will work on getting listed on Coingecko/Coinmarketcap nft section and change/redesign our staking app/website and gameplay to a better and more up to date version! we will be launching a playable version of VANISHED NFT enigmas on mobile, both IOS and ANDROID, and keep on producing more chapters/keeping our community engaged !


100% - VANISHED NFT 2.0 !

At this final stage, we should have the man power(team), funds, and community needed to start working on the ULTIMATE version of our game, the second phase! we will be launching our own metaverse where players can play online & simultaneously and work together to decode the enigmas( ONLINE COOP MOD + METAVERSE + ... ) and ... That's all we got for now (preventing idea theft.) everything will be announced on Discord when the time comes !

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